will it be paid ?
If liberspirita is forging, yes.

what if LIP23 ?
If LIP23 comes before liberspirita forges on current dpos, current payouts will be lost.

will new era give rewards with LIP23 ?
Yes. I could perhaps forge without giving rewards. But I want to introduce competition

Any new rules when LIP23 ?
Sure !
I am currently working on it. This LIP23 is fascinating, it is a challenge to guess all consequences.

For example ?
I don't want to become the only one to give rewards. I shall introduce a rule "first voters only get rewards". Above 1M vote power, no rewards. Search another delegate !
That's competition....

Multiples delegates ?
As it is now well accepted on current DPOS (how many humans within incubators ?), why not ;) ?