Some say pools and rewards won't be numerous when LIP23 will be launched. I do think reverse.
Let's summarise what will be LIP23 :
A delegate will have to stake Lisk on his account if he wants to forge. At least 10% of all the vote power on him. So we can understand that richest delegates will stake 10% of their Lisk, and from another address they will vote on their delegate with 90%. Well note exactly 10% Vs 90% but it is easier to figure as it. For example, a guy owning 1000000 lisk could stake 10% on his delegate and vote for himself 900000 from another address. With such funds, for sure, he would not have to apply any outside votes, and obviously he would not have to share rewards. That will exist of course. Let's say that 20 to 40 very rich delegates -whales- will forge without any votes except their own votes.
Today, roughly half liskers are voting. Their first motivation is to obtain rewards. With LIP23, it may be roughly the same, IF they can obtain rewards.
Imagine you've got 50k lisk only, and you want to forge. You will have no other choice than claiming around "hey ! Vote for me and I'll pay 50% !" Imagine he will attract 500k lisk of external votes, perhaps he will forge. Even if he attracts 1000k lisk , his "power" won't be more than 10x his stake, so 10x50=500k.
Could be a bit short....every liskers will be able to vote on only one delegate with one lisk. So, let's imagine 100 sharks try to attract votes on themself, limited by their own funds. There will be competition.
The delegates with 100k will propose to share 75%, to enter the club, and so on.
Very quickly, all the spots will be prize of a contest. Most generous delegates will keep the spot. Greedy delegates will exit, except if they are big whales.
I guess that except 20 to 40 whales, all the spots will have to share rewards to maintain their position. The % of sharing will adjust accordingly to their power.
I dunno how high will be the vote power to obtain. On current figures, if 60000k lisk are voting, a whale would need 600k to forge without help, any other shark will have to stake minimum 60k and attract external votes with rewards.
A big shark (more than 60k) could offer less, because it's attractivity could remain if he votes also for himself. A small shark (only 60k and no more) will have to offer more rewards, because voters will be more diluted.
Odds are open, but I do guess future LIP23 will be a new era for pools in lisk.

NewEra will do as the market will decide.