I played today on a fresh install of a testnet lisk node on a raspberry 4 last generation, It's a long and complex game as i like it !
For this 4GB machine running Raspbian Bullseye on ARM only one method to install lisk : sources ! So i did it
Recipe :
Take a Raspberry, at least 1GB memory and at least 16GB hard storage ( SD card or external USB storage)
Install Raspbian last version
Follow Instructions, mix with instructions on github because both are not enought but with both you may manage !
Nodejs 12.14.1
I did install Postgresql 11 instead of 10, without issue so far.
If your Rasberry is on your home network, think to add it in your DMZ.
When first start, it will fail until you discover you must set the db password inside your config.json.
Loading the first snapshot blockchain.db.gz is long, very long. very very long !

But finally, it is going well, and forging. Obviously it is only a game i won't replicate on mainnet !