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send 0.9 LSk to spirita3 (7695675674841127110L),
then send to liberspirita (on discord liberspirita#3053) a link to this transaction.
I will send you back 1lsk, and your password to modify your comments.
In this comment, do not hesitate to propose any other updates regarding shares or whatever else. I shall correct if accurate. I can easily be convinced if facts = true

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60corsaro11GDT6 MentionsICO participant; lisk early adopter and early forger with testnet active forging delegate and mainned active forging delegate with 99,93% productivity; member of GDT (Global Delegate Team) and LIG (Lisk Italian Group); Active Community memeber since 2016; Donated lisk to many projects, including LCU (Lisk Center Utrecht); sharing 20% of its forged lisk through GDT Group Pool gdtpool. Some tools I offer to the community: snapshot server for mainnet https://snapshot.liskworld.info/ , open api mainnet node https://liskworld.info/ , github for various tools I did for lisk: https://github.com/corsaro1?tab=repositories